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Outlook 365 Shared Contacts in Address Book – Solved

One of our clients wants a company wide contact list through Microsoft 365. It makes sense that this shared contact list would show up in the Outlook Address Book, but apparently, this is not how Outlook works. First, I followed this guide:… and the group and calendar show up in Outlook right away, as expected, but […]

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Unifi USG DHCP Timeout/Failure – Solved

I’ve recently had an issue with one of the UniFi installations that I manage. The internet speed was upgraded so I made some optimizations to the network to better utilize the potential increase in bandwidth. Prior to completing my tweaks, all wireless clients suddenly could no longer get an IP address from the USG DHCP […]


Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Dead Zone Fixed!

We bought a Surface Pro 3 a few years back when it was new. After about 13 months – right after the warranty expired – a dead zone developed on the touch screen in which touch by hand or pen/stylus would not function. This was the approximately top 1/3 of the screen. After much searching […]


6 Things You Can Do Now To Secure Your Online Information

The types of data breaches that happen regularly are not typically affected by how secure our login passwords/procedures are. When point-of-sale systems are breached, my login has no bearing on how companies store and secure personally identifiable information. I believe that the security of financial data has a fundamental infrastructure problem that needs to be […]

Open Source Software

What Can Free Software Do For My Medical Practice?

I talk about Open Source and Free Software quite a bit. I’m sure that many are skeptical as to whether or not this really means anything practical for their business, after all, you may think, “Open Source only benefits nerds and academia”. This week, we begin a series of articles that will highlight specific Open […]


The Best Way To Send Email To Multiple Recipients

Because malware and viruses are often spread through email, Gartner Technology recommends multiple recipients not be placed in the ‘To:’ or ‘Cc:’ fields when emailing several people. When you place multiple recipients in the ‘To:’ or ‘Cc:’ field, all of the recipients receive the email addresses of all other recipients – as does anyone else […]


Bigger, Faster, Cheaper: Open Source In The Small Business

I’d been speaking with a colleague about the products and services that he sold. His experience had been mostly with installations of small business servers. We were talking about all of the really cool and useful things that you can do with Microsoft products. What we really wanted to know was the answer to these […]

Open Source

What Are Your Employees Doing?

Ask most people how to mitigate the security risks involved in connecting their computer to the internet, and they’ll usually suggest anti-virus software with current virus pattern updates and firewall protection. While these two things are an absolute must for all systems on your company network, and single systems connected to the internet, alike, there […]


Why So Many Microsoft Vulnerabilities?

Many wonder why Microsoft products have so many vulnerabilities while other operating systems experience relatively low incidents of similar issues. Issues ranging from malware and viruses to problems caused by Microsoft issued patches. The answer is three-fold. Market Share Black Hats, (that’s the bad guys who write these nasty programs that we all try to […]


The Bogus Bounced Email

We’ve all gotten them. You know the email that says something like “MAILER-DAEMON failure notice.” Although many of these notices are legitimate, some are more insidious. A common tactic used to spread viruses and worms today is to forge these failure notices and then send them out to people with a blurb stating that details […]