• Bigger, Faster, Cheaper: Open Source In The Small Business

    Bigger, Faster, Cheaper: Open Source In The Small Business

    I’d been speaking with a colleague about the products and services that he sold. His experience had been mostly with installations of small business servers. We were talking about all of the really cool and useful things that you can do with Microsoft products. What we really wanted to know was the answer to these […]

  • What Are Your Employees Doing?

    What Are Your Employees Doing?

    Ask most people how to mitigate the security risks involved in connecting their computer to the internet, and they’ll usually suggest anti-virus software with current virus pattern updates and firewall protection. While these two things are an absolute must for all systems on your company network, and single systems connected to the internet, alike, there […]

  • Why So Many Microsoft Vulnerabilities?

    Why So Many Microsoft Vulnerabilities?

    Many wonder why Microsoft products have so many vulnerabilities while other operating systems experience relatively low incidents of similar issues. Issues ranging from malware and viruses to problems caused by Microsoft issued patches. The answer is three-fold. Market Share Black Hats, (that’s the bad guys who write these nasty programs that we all try to […]

  • The Bogus Bounced Email

    The Bogus Bounced Email

    We’ve all gotten them. You know the email that says something like “MAILER-DAEMON failure notice.” Although many of these notices are legitimate, some are more insidious. A common tactic used to spread viruses and worms today is to forge these failure notices and then send them out to people with a blurb stating that details […]

  • Wireless (In)Security

    Wireless (In)Security

    The default ‘out-of-the-box’ settings for most wireless routers/gateways do not often adequately secure your internal network or the data transmitted and received by devices such as laptops. A process called WEP was typically used to ‘secure’ these devices but it can be broken into using free software downloaded from the internet. Most wireless routers that […]

  • What Is Open Source Software And How Much Can It Save Us?

    What Is Open Source Software And How Much Can It Save Us?

    Companies are spending billions of dollars on software, software maintenance, licensing, and renewals annually. In recent years, many private, government, and school organizations have turned to open source software as a cost-effective alternative to proprietary, closed source software. The Brazilian government expects to save over $120 million this year since announcing its intention to switch […]

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