Wireless Network Bridge

One Network. Multiple locations.

Gartner Technology has been providing professional IT services for businesses in Southeastern Wisconsin since 2003. We design, build, and repair PC workstations and servers. We provide onsite, offsite, and remote support for all of your computer, printer, network, and WiFi needs. We can also set you up for secure remote work. If it is a computer or any related system, we can fix it if it’s broken, or make it work even better if it isn’t.

We design and install the latest high-speed wired and Wi-Fi network infrastructure. We design and install surveillance and access control systems that integrate seamlessly with your network so you can secure and monitor your property from anywhere you have an internet connection. We can also get high speed, gigabit ethernet to remote locations on your property without the need for long cabling runs or recurring costs – better than magic, indeed. Call us about improving your network speed and reliability.

We have been building websites since the mid 1990’s. (Yes, really. Dial-up anyone?) We are currently accepting limited new web development projects, we also provide website security management, and hosting, along with email hosting, and social network integration. Let us produce regular, professional content for your brand. We can update your existing site or fix anything that isn’t working right.

Why Gartner Technology? What Makes Us Different?

You have my cell number – it’s on our contact page. When you call or text me, I respond as quickly as I can, whether it’s 8:30 on a Monday morning, or 9:00 on a Saturday night. As business owners, we understand that you work when you work and any computer problem that you have can’t wait until “regular business hours”, whatever those are. We are available when you need us. That’s different.

Another difference: we do not provide “managed services”. For most small businesses, these are weasel words tying you to a recurring expense regardless of service utilization. We bill for the work we do and will steer you clear of subscriptions whenever we can. We know the products that we work with inside and out, which saves you time and money.

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