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  • Unifi USG DHCP Timeout/Failure – Solved

    Unifi USG DHCP Timeout/Failure – Solved

    I’ve recently had an issue with one of the UniFi installations that I manage. The internet speed was upgraded so I made some optimizations to the network to better utilize the potential increase in bandwidth. Prior to completing my tweaks, all wireless clients suddenly could no longer get an IP address from the USG DHCP…

  • Wireless (In)Security

    Wireless (In)Security

    The default ‘out-of-the-box’ settings for most wireless routers/gateways do not often adequately secure your internal network or the data transmitted and received by devices such as laptops. A process called WEP was typically used to ‘secure’ these devices but it can be broken into using free software downloaded from the internet. Most wireless routers that…