Gartner Technology’s Business Information Technology Services provide the continuous monitoring, reporting, troubleshooting, and response capabilities that are needed to manage today’s complex computer infrastructure. We provide technical services to meet your needs. Some of our IT Services include:

    • Network Support & Services:
      For companies that do not have an IT department. We offer complete management for all of your business computer systems and software; including servers, desktop computers, routers, switches and all other computer & network hardware. Service is customized to your immediate and long term needs. From patch management and update deployment to maintenance and monitoring of all your workstations and servers, you decide what your company needs are. We provide regular system maintenance, documentation of your operational procedures, or new equipment installation and upgrades. Gartner Technology takes a proactive and preventative approach to making certain that your systems are up and running smoothly and reliably.
    • Perimeter and Security Services:
      Keep your computer systems and networks secure and free from hackers, worms and other malicious attacks. We have firewall and security solutions for servers, networks, co-locations, workstations, and the home office. We also offer anti-spam and anti-virus email gateways that can stop most spam and viruses before they get to your inbox. One recent deployment has blocked more than 2000 such emails in less than two months. Ask how our content filtering services can recover lost productivity while reducing liability by controlling and preventing inappropriate use of the internet. We can also show you how to prevent data-theft.
    • Consulting
      Using current security, product, and industry information, Gartner Technology can help you make educated and informed decisions about your business’s current and future IT needs. We can help you stay on top of a quickly changing technology environment, without spending unnecessary time and capital on quickly outdated technology. We can even help you define an acceptable use policy for your network. Effectively written and properly enforced, these policies can improve productivity by reducing downtime due to unauthorized software installation, personal internet use on company time, and can also reduce your liability by having clearly defined expectations of what employees can and can not do on company computers.

 WAN and LAN Networking:

  • We support Microsoft,  Apple, Linux and UNIX networking equipment as well as most other major vendor hardware. We also offer a variety of extremely cost effective Open Source products that provide enterprise grade solutions at a fraction of the cost of proprietary systems. We test and use Open Source products ourselves to assure reliability. Nearly 40% of the internets busiest sites are run on Open Source products. [1]
  • VPN Services:
    For seamless and secure point-to-point connections to remote offices or for employees needing remote network access. VPN service can also provide secure data transfer between computer systems communicating over the internet to your local network.
  • Network Design and Re-design:
    If out-dated equipment and misconfigured hardware are bringing your network to a standstill, re-designing your network or expanding your current infrastructure may be the solution. Gartner Technology can help with network infrastructure design, build, and deployment. We have experience with routers, switches, firewalls, and load balancers in multi-vendor network environments.
  • Data Backup Consulting:
    Gartner Technology can help small and medium sized businesses plan and deploy a backup and recovery system. Give us a call today to discuss your options.

We have extensive experience with the Microsoft family of products as well as Apple, Linux and FreeBSD (a UNIX variant) for servers and workstations. With countless operating system installs and more than 25 server installs, Gartner Technology can have you up and running with minimal trouble.

Some of our advanced services include:

  • Custom systems built for your needs – not for what we have in stock.
  • Security audits and intrusion detection – keep your network safe.
  • Anti-spam / Anti-virus email gateways.
  • Data recovery and fault protection – prevent catastrophic data loss.
  • ISO compliant data control and intranet development – enforce ISO policies with software solutions.
  • Custom web based database applications – centralized control of data stores and data access.
  • Complete client/server enterprise management – keep your entire network running at peak performance.
  • Multi-platform (POP3, Exchange, etc.) email configuration and management – reliable lines of communication.
  • Network design, configuration and implementation – high availability starts here.
  • Seamless remote point-to-point network integration (VPN, ASDL, etc.) – secure data transmission locally or long distance.
  • Peer-to-peer, domain, and secure wireless networking – finding the best fit for your company.

Gartner Technology implements the service you need, while keeping cost down. Once your systems are up and running, only routine maintenance will be needed – we do it right the first time.

1.) October 2016 Web Server Survey (last visited October 2016)

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